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Howdy all! Below there are four sections pointing you to different articles on all the tools you will need to enter and be successful in the exciting world of equine photography! This info is a compilation of over 12 years of working in this industry! These articles do contain some affiliate links and you can read the disclosures on the right sidebar through out this website. We hope you find the info helpful and wish you the best of luck on your new photography endeavor!
~River and Flash~


Go here to learn about the different kinds of photo equipment you may use for your new equine photography business!

  • Camera body
  • Lenses
  • Accesories

In this section we will talk about home computers vs field computers and hardware accessories you will need to work in the field.

  • Home Computers
  • Field Computers
  • Hardware Accesories


Here we will talk about websites and various tools for selling online. We will also go over POS systems so you can get paid for what you do! Read on!

  • Websites
  • Online Software
  • POS systems (get paid!)

The Ultimate Booth Setup! This works for horse shows, art shows or anywhere you want to announce your company presence!

  • Professional Tent
  • Everything that goes in it!